Absorption DS TSA


Absorption is a magical ability to conjure life-force/energy draining aura that can leech on nearby enemies and one of the Merlinean spells featured in videogame adaptation of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Absorption is a life-draining spell worked by conjuring life-draining aura around the conjuror's body that can shoot out numerous tendrils that latched themselves on the target and drain their lifeforce. The drained energy automatically used to revitalize the user's body, healing their injuries in the process. The life-draining aura will last for a few minutes after being cast.

This spell technically similar with Parasite Spell as both are power-draining spell that enable a sorcerer to drain the energy from another. However, Absorption gave the sorcerer better advantage than Parasite Spell as unlike the latter that requires physical contact between the user's catalyst and the victim, the former can worked from the distance. But Absorption still have its own disadvantages, such as the spell revitalized/empowered the user in slower rate than Parasite Spell that they still vulnerable with the enemies' attacks, and conjured life-draining aura only lasts few moments after being cast, which gave its victims greater chance to survive the spell.