Balthazar Blake's Eagle

Balthazar's Eagle

Balthazar's Eagle (also Dave's Eagle to a lesser degree) is a giant, metallic eagle statue from the Chrysler Building in New York City's Manhattan borough that was brought to life by the sorcery of Balthazar Blake.

Balthazar flies the Eagle to get to places faster. Balthazar uses his magic to make the Eagle come to life from an eagle structure on the Chrysler Building.

The Eagle later came again to the aid of its master when Balthazar was under attack by an enchanted bull statue brought to life by Balthazar's mortal enemy, Maxim Horvath. The Eagle snatches the Bull in the nick of time and flew away with it.

Becky and Dave flew to Paris on the Eagle towards the end of the film.


Balthazar's Eagle is a huge, metal eagle that can fly people across the sky. In it's original statue form, it is only having a head that attached to the Chrysler Building as either a gargoyle or a decoration, but upon being animated, its head became more mobile as well as gaining a large, metallic, eagle body for mobility.


Since the Eagle was animated with usage of sentient mystical energy called Mana, sentience with portion of mana used by Balthazar has been "programmed" to behave like a loyal tamed eagle, It's not surprising if it was shown aiding Balthazar in its adventures and even saving him from animated bull statue. The eagle also friendly to its master's allies, as it offer a ride for Dave and Becky for Paris.



  • A second steel eagle appeared as one of the Drill Automatons that employed by Balthazar for Dave's Training in the online game Sorcerer's Apprentice: Fiery Frenzy. But unlike the one in the movie, it was animated from a crest on a belt.
  • In the early script of The Sorcerer's Apprentice film that can be seen here, the eagle was animated for the first time by a sorcerer named Denethor Maltwood in 1924, before finally fell to Balthazar's possession.