The Car Spell

The Car Spell

The Car Spell is a powerful, magic spell that can transform any vehicle (such as a car, a truck or even a van) into different forms.

It is used by both Balthazar and Horvath and attempted by Dave.


How Car spell works

The Car Spell in motion.

The Car Spell can turn one's car into a much better or worse car. This clever, sorcerous method, much like the Disguise Spell, can be used to disguise the caster's car as well, as in doing so, they could confuse their pursuers, giving them an advantage to escape. This was shown where Horvath turned his car into a taxi cab and joined other taxis on the streets of New York in order to confuse both Balthazar and Dave Stutler. Aside from shapeshifting the user's car, this enchantment also enables them to reactivate old cars that were not being used for a long time, as well as repairing them from severe damage (off screen).

Known drawbacks of the spell was one must fully master this magic technique and is able to use it in situations that would give them an advantage. Also, they must know all strengths and weaknesses of the types of cars that they would transform their vehicles into.


Balthazar used it for the first time on screen when he reactivated his car that has towed for 10 years, restoring it to it's prime condition. Horvath also revealed able to use the same spell while he and Drake Stone were running away from Balthazar and Dave. At first, he used it off-screen to confuse Balthazar and Dave by turned his car into a taxi and join other taxis on the street of New York. However, when their cover was blown, they were forced to turn their car into a sports car. Dave also turns his car into a crummy beater in a failed attempt to turn Horvath's into it.