The Cleaning Spell

The Cleaning Spell

The Cleaning Spell (or rather, the "Cleaning Tool Animation Spell") is a magical spell that makes mops, brooms, sponges, and everything else to clean things move by themselves in a military manner.

This enchantment is a sub-type of the Animation Spell, albeit this spell only made the cleaning tools animated without shape-shifting them into creatures.

Uses and Drawbacks

A sorcerer casts every desired objects (started from the cleaning tools) with a crude life where they will move and clean everything by themselves. If used properly, the spell will wear out once the room cleaned, where the charmed objects will return to the place where they were. In doing so, the sorcerer must have enough experience to do so, as the charmed objects will move on their own accord, which are prone to go haywire if used reckessly.

The drawbacks of this spell was, as stated above, the caster must have good experience over, or with, their magic. If a caster uses this magic for the first time, he/she must be watched by their mentor until they are experienced enough to handle the outcome of this magic.


Dave Stutler uses the Cleaning spell for cleaning up his laboratory quickly before his girlfriend Becky Barnes came by.

When the spell had gotten out of control, Balthazar, who became disappointed in Dave, steps in and uses the Disperse Spell.




  • The Cleaning Spell was originally from the segment "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" of the 1940 Disney classic Fantasia.