The Deflecting Mirror

The Deflecting Mirror

The Deflecting Mirror, also known as the Deflection Mirror and the Egyptian Deflection Mirror, is a defensive magic spell featured in Sorcerer's Apprentice: Fiery Frenzy.


A caster, either by their catalyst or not, conjures a large Egyptian mystic mirror which provided the better protection against magical attacks than the Shield Spell. Once summoned, the mirror would materializes and floating in front of the user, deflecting any projectiles that fired on it. The mirror also appeared to be more durable compared with the conjured shield from the Shield Spell. As Balthazar Blake could also conjure this spell as the game's final boss, the mystic mirror may created via Transubstantial Transfiguration by forging it from the air molecules instead of being summoned from certain places.

The conjured mirror may can be used as a medium for the Hungarian Mirror Trap.

Known Drawbacks

The known drawbacks of this spell are the shield can only providing the frontal protection and can only appear for certain amount of time. Also, the shield may cannot be moved somewhere else.

Known Users

The known users of this enchantment is Balthazar Blake and the Mummy, one of the Drill Automatons.