Earth Sealing spell

Earth Binding

Earth Binding is an earth-based spell that is used to bind a person or object within soild earth or other earth-based constructs, such as a concrete or stone walls.


Earth Binding in action

Earth Binding in action.

A sorcerer or a sorceress casts this form of magic to enchant the nearby earth-based constructs like concrete/rock walls that would bind anyone whom touch it. When a person touches the bewitched earth-based constructs, his/her body part having physical contact with the enchanted earth-based constructs would petrifies into stone and partially stuck in said constructs. This would make the victim vulnerable to any attack.

The spell can be undone with the Disperse Spell.

Known User and History

The only known user of this enchantment is the great wizard Merlin, who used it to bind his former apprentice Morgana le Fay on a pillar so he could try to reason with her. Unfortunately, Horvath freed Morgana so she could deliver a fatal blow on him.