Balthazar Blake's Fire Spell

A small fireball conjured by Balthazar Blake.

Fire Balls are a special technique that enable the user to conjure spherical flames. It is one of the well-known fire-based spells.


True to its name, in order to perform this spell, the user needs to conjure a flame that is condensed in a spherical form before being propelled towards the opponent. The firepower of the hurled fireball depends on the amount of the manipulated flames that are condensed into said fireball.

Horvath's fire balls

Horvath conjuring fire balls by absorbing nearby flame from a fire source.

Known drawbacks of this spell is that, like various fire spells, it can be nullified in locations with factors that prevent the flame from burning, like a vacuum, humidity, etc. A Vacuum Sphere is an instance of a spell that could protect the user from an opponent's fireball attack.

Known Users

Known users of this spell are Balthazar BlakeMaxim Horvath and Dave Stutler. Morgana le Fay may be included, as fire is her specialty.