The Fire Carving

Fire Carving

Fire Carving is a mystical and advanced technique that enables the user to conjure fire for carving and cutting purposes. It may be an advanced version or extension of the Fire Surge spell.


In order to use this spell, the caster needs to shake the molecules like when casting Combustion Spell. But unlike that spell, they do not require shaking the molecules to cause the flames to burst. Instead, they only focuse the accelerated molecules into small but more intense heat with the maximum temperatures that would equal, if not as hot as, welding torch. As the name of this sorcerous ability implies, the conjured heat from this spell can be used as either cutting or carving tools, and is ideal for carving runes or magic circles like either the Morgana Star or the Merlin Circle.

Circle Carving

Balthazar conjures the Merlin Circle with Fire Carving.

The known drawback of this mystic enchantment was that it was quite difficult to perform, as when apprentices who spent their training in mastering this spell tend to have the focused flames not as hot as they desired, and need considerable concentration. The more experienced user may even able to utilize this power on a whim.

Known Users

Fire Carving

Morgana conjures Fire Carving.

Known users of this spell is Morgana le FayMaxim Horvath and Balthazar Blake. Morgana first seen using this spell to cut off the candelier that animated by Merlin to bind her. Balthazar also used this to carving Merlin Circle. Horvath, on the other hand, used this spell on Fry Cook's patties to get his attention.