250px-Merlineans vs. Morgan le Fay

Morgana using the Fire Surge against the 3 Merlineans.

The Fire Surge is a special magical technique that enables the user to conjure a stream of fire like a flamethrower.


Fire surge horvath

Horvath's Fire Surge as the young Dave watch.

In order to perform this spell, the user needs to either conjure a certain amount of flames or absorb any nearby, preexisting flames and enlarges it before projecting them like flamethrowers. They can burn things with intense engulfing flames that can either kill the target very slowly to bring agonizing pain upon them or quickly reduced the target into smoldering ashes, depending on the blast's intensity. The user can control the size and radius of their blasts as well.


The Fire Surge was first used when the malicious witch Morgana le Fay incinerated a large number of Merlin's guards at once with this spell inside a castle somewhere in 8th century Great Britain during her siege against her former sorcerer master.

Maxim Horvath later displayed a degree of the mastery in this spell during the skirmish in Arcana Cabana. He uses this right after fires 2 fireballs on Balthazar who jumped to take cover before turned his attention to the young Dave Stutler.

The final time this spell was seen was when as soon as Morgana le Fay broke free from Balthazar's body and became a non-corporal entity of her original appearance as result of the Fusion Spell that reduced her body into a glowing mass of dust, she conjures a flame on her hands and blast her enemies with high-potent Fire Surge, only to be stopped by Dave whom awakened his Prime Merlinean powers where he stopped the blast with a Fire Shield from the very blast that she conjured.

Known Users

The known users of this spell are Maxim Horvath and Morgana le Fay.


  • It may be related to Fire Carving, which could be used for non-combat purposes.

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