The Fog Spell

The Fog Spell

The Fog Spell is a spell that enables any conjurer to create a layer or stream of fog.


Fog Spell Horvath

The Fog Spell as demonstrated by Horvath.

A sorcerer or a sorceress uses Mana to conjure fog from water molecules via their catalyst, either as a ball of fog, or to spray the fog like a fire extinguisher. Once created, they can control the fog as they please, including to find objects that are rendered invisible via magic. The user is also able to use this spell to obscure the enemy's vision, enabling the user to escape like a smoke bomb.


In the movie, Maxim Horvath uses this spell to find The Grimhold in Dave Stutler's lab. He also utilizes the same spell to create a spray of fog layer in the tunnel to escape during the car chase on the streets of Manhattan.