The Freezing Spell

The Freezing Spell

The Freezing Spell is a mystical enchantment that enables a sorcerer to freeze the target/object at sub-zero temperatures.


Freezing Spell in action

Balthazar freezes the coil.

In order to perform this magical ability, the conjuror uses Mana to reduces the kinetic energy of atoms as a means to lower the temperature around the target, ranging from slightly chilly levels to absolute zero. To increase the effectiveness of the spell, the spellcaster can also manipulate water vapour around the target so the target does not just simply become colder, but also encased within ice.

The known drawbacks of this spell is that it is less effective if used on an area with higher temperature and one must fully master the spell so that he/she is not only adept in using it, but also can easily break frozen objects with their bare hands without suffer frostbite: The extreme cold of frozen objects due to the spell can be harmful if touch with bare hands, as exposure to the cold from the said object can harm the conjuror's body if exposed for too long.

Known Users

Known users of this spell is Balthazar Blake. He used this spell to free himself from coils that telekinetically enchanted by Maxim Horvath to bind him.