The Fry Cook

The Fry Cook

I haven't seen that cane since I saw a picture of it when I was a boy.
~ The Fry Cook about Horvath's Staff.

The Fry Cook is a man who works in a burger shop within New York and a minor character in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The Fry Cook is portrayed by Oscar A. Colon.


Maxim Horvath came to the burger shop where the cook was frying two burger patties, and he manifested star symbols magically carved on the patties, catching his attention. The man soon told Horvath about how he had seen his staff in a picture once when he was a boy. Horvath then told him that he needed "soldiers", and the man said, "I got one kid. He ain't old school.", which was eventually referring to Drake Stone.


  • It is unknown if the Fry Cook is a Morganian, a follower of Morgana le Fay, but he clearly saw and recognized Horvath's staff when he was a child.
  • It is unknown when and how they met before the scene in the film.