Maxim Horvath's Wolves

Horvath's Wolves

Horvath's Wolves were minor villains in Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. They were originally a photo of a pack of gray wolves in Dave Stutler's wildlife calendar, until Maxim Horvath animates them with the Animation Spell, transforming them into living, actual creatures.


As Dave Stutler attempts to escape from his clutches when he ran from his apartment, Horvath notices an image of a pack of gray wolves in Dave's calendar. He then uses the Animation Spell off-screen, causing them to emerge from the calendar and transform into real wolves. Once they manifested, Horvath instructed them to seize Dave, much to Dave's horror. They chase Dave all the way through to the train station while Horvath follows from behind. Though Dave managed to hide, one of the wolves spots him and prompts the others to turn on him. As they did, Horvath instructed them to maul him to death.

However, Balthazar ambushes them by uses his magic to turn these wolves into puppies before sending Hovath himself flying by his eagle. Balthazar saves Dave and quickly reverts these wolves back into pictures just as he subdues Horvath and escapes.



  • Real wolves were used for the movie that portrayed these wolves, but due to them already being tamed and more affectionate like regular domesticated dogs, they were given tracking points by the movie crew on their face so the CGI artist could draw more scary and intimidating expression on their faces for the final cut of the film.