A receptionist hypnotized by Horvath's Staff.

In the 2010 Disney fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Hypnosis (commonly referred to as Hypnotism) is featured as a magical spell that enables its user to make suggestions on someone’s subconscious to make them do whatever the user wants without him/herself being aware of what they did.


The methods to use this spell are simple: First, the user need something as medium for this spell to work, like either their own eyes or catalyst. Second, when casting this spell with the said medium that they used for hypnosis, he/she must ensure that their victims’ attention focused on the said medium so the used mystical energy would affect the victims’ subconscious to the point that they obey to do anything that the user wanted without them knowing what they did.

Like hypnotism in real life (which possible to performed without any magical means) and in other fiction, this spell is likely weak if used on those with strong will, unless if the said person willing to be hypnotized or in weakened state. Had the user not taking any serious precautions like ended up focus their own attention on the medium for hypnostim (in some cases due to ended up focused their hypnotism on their reflection that the said mirror deflected their influence), the hypnotism would backfires.

Known Users and History

The user of this spell is Maxim Horvath, whom hypnotized an administrator receptionist at Dave Stutler's school to find Dave’s lab. This also used by other wicked Morganians as well, though in the movie Horvath was the only one that did this.