The Invisibility Spell

The Invisibility Spell

The Invisibility Spell is a mystical ability allows a conjuror to magically turn either himself/herself or things completely invisible until the spell is broken.

It is seen when Balthazar Blake used it to hide the Grimhold.

Usage and Drawbacks

Once cast to the desired target/object or oneself, the object/oneself becomes completely unseen and undetected without any trace. This was useful to hide an object/oneself as others cannot perceive the casted object/person whom are under this spell. To make oneself/casted object become visible again, they only need to break this spell with their own magic.

The drawback of this spell, however, is this spell cannot make the object/oneself intagiable like a ghost, which means the casted object/person under this spell can be touched by others. A smart way to detect object/someone hidden by the spell is to use the Fog Spell, as anything under the Invisibility Spell cannot pass through fog, enabling them to be discovered quickly.