Spells as demonstrated with an aura surrounding a spellcaster through magic.

This list categorize all spells, enchantments, and incantations within the history of sorcery.


Following Spells are categorized based on with domains used to master them in the Merlin Circle.

Element Domain

Element Domain is a form of sorcery that enable the user to control the four classical elements of nature; fire, water, earth, and air. This sorcery can be mastered by using Element Domain of the Merlin Circle.

Air-Based Spells

Elemental Domain magic that focused to manipulate element of Air:

Earth-Based Spells

Elemental Domain magic that focused to manipulate element of Earth:

Fire-Based Spells

Elemental Domain magic that focused to manipulate element of Fire:

Water-Based Spells

Elemental Domain magic that focused to manipulate element of Water:

Matter Domain

Matter Domain is form of sorcery that enable a conjuror to manipulate matter, giving them access to energy manipulation and construct anything from thin air.

  • Disperse Spell: Spell to stops all nearby spells and other magical activities from continuing.
  • Replication Spell: Spell to conjure clones which shares with both the caster and the clone shares a link with each other.
  • Deflecting Mirror: Ability to construct special mirror that can deflect anything.
  • Plasma Bolts: Firing condensed, volatile balls of electricity, either in rapid shots or single but destructive rocket-like electrical blasts.
  • Plasma Deflection: Spell to create a wave of mystical energy that push people or objects out of the user’s way as well as deflecting projectiles.
  • Lightning Strike: Weather control spell to summon lightnings from the sky to strike the desired target.
  • Shield Spell: Magical spell that enable the user to evade any attacks as a means of defense by creating an energy barrier in front of themselves.
  • Biometric Pressure Spell: Conjuring special magical item-detecting dark clouds.
  • Parasite Spell: Haitian life-draining spell.
  • Fusion Spell/Human Fusion Spell: Spell to absorb other being's soul and imprisoned it within one's body and spirit like a cage.
  • Absorption: Conjure life-draining aura to drain other being's lifeforce from distance.

Space-Time Domain

Space-Time Domain is form of sorcery that enable a conjuror to perform time manipulation, astral projection, and possibly more complex abilities such as teleportation and travel between dimensions.

  • Ectoplasm Trap: Supernatural ability that can decelerate anything it hits via mass of ectoplasm energy. If utilized as booby traps, it mainly conjures as mines in form of a pool of transparent slime that had it stepped/triggered, would explodes into a wave of ectoplasm energy that spread in all direction which slowed everything that engulf around 1/20 times of the actual speed.
  • Summoning: Calling forth object/creature/servants.
  • Outcast: Banish the target to the magical dimension.
  • Time Slow Spell: Spell to slow down time around conjuror.
  • Teleportation: Spell to instantly move from one place to another without physically occupying the space in between.

Motion Domain

Motion Domain is a form of sorcery that enable a conjuror to performing movement-related spells such as telekinesis, levitation of oneself or others, and enhancing conjured air blasts.

  • Telekinesis: Spell to to levitate one or more items or person/people in the air with the power of the user's mind and magical energy manipulated into telekinetic force.

Mind Domain

Mind Magic is a form of sorcery that enable a conjuror to mental abilities-related spells (such as telepathy, second sight, etc.) except telekinesis and levitation.

  • Hypnotism: Magical spell that enable it’s user to make suggestions on someone’s subconscious to make them do whatever the user wants without him/herself aware with what they did.
  • Psychic Vision: Mental ability perceives the residual information of an object and/or person by using senses.
  • Sympathetic Magic: Mental spell that allow a user to mentally connected his/her animated entity with an object to control them like a remote control. Had the bewitched object used to control the animated creature destroyed, the said creature will destroyed with it.

Transformation Domain

Transformation Domain is a form of sorcery that enable a conjuror to performing spells to alter both properties and appearance of oneself and/or desired target. Like in Matter Domain, spells that mastered in this domain worked by manipulating the desired target's matter structure, but in more complex scale as spells mastered in the Transformation Domain are meant for transmogrifying oneself and/or other and in lesser extent, enchanted objects by giving them additional properties desired by the conjuror.

  • Transmutation: Spell to reshape object into mollecular level as means to change its shape and properties.
    • Car Spell: Spell to transmogrified a car into better or worse ones.
    • Disguise Spell/Transformation Spell: Spell to disguise oneself or other person nearby into someone else.
    • Animation Spell: Spell to brought any object to life as animal-like golem depends on what the said object previously are.
    • Cleaning Spell: Spell that makes mops, brooms, sponges, and have everything else to clean things by themselves in a military manner.
    • Invisibility Spell: Spell to magically turn either oneself or things completely invisible until the spell broken.
    • Persian Quickrug: Spell to create a magical trap that is designed to turn any floor or carpet into a substance similar to quick sand.
    • Hungarian Mirror Trap: Spell to trap someone or sealed away something into the Reverse World, a pocket dimension behind the mirrors.
  • Quest-Bound Immortality Spell: Spell to render an individual becoming immortal until the said individual's task completed.

Love Domain

Love Domain is a Domain of the Merlin Circle that said to be domain of emotions. Why this Domain located on the center of the circle was due to a sorcerer's emotion serves as powerful source of his/her magic. While love is more than often said to be the most powerful source of a sorcerer's magic (hence the name of the Domain itself), the same rule possibly (though not confirmed in the film itself as both the movie and its original script provided little to no information about the Merlin Circle's characteristics and history) apply for other emotions such as happiness, courage, compassion, hatred, grudge, etc. But regardless emotion that may channeled by sorcerer who uses Love Domain Magic, had he/she channeled the said domain, they capable to tap on untold amount of powers, including power over life and death.

  • The Rising: Dark necromatic spell that allow the user to revive deceased sorcerers into his/her undead army.