Magic Rings

Magic Rings

Your ring is not a piece of jewelry. it projects the electrical energy of your nervous system into the physical world. Without his ring, a sorcerer is powerless.
~ Balthazar Blake about the Rings.

Magic Rings are special items with magic powers used by sorcerers and sorceresses from both sides, for either good or evil, and placed on their fingers. Without his or her ring, a spellcaster is powerless. Even the most powerful conjurers in history, such as the wise Merlinean Balthazar Blake, need their rings. Only the Prime Merlinean would be able to use magic without a ring due to their immense magical power.

Usage and Benefits

Like magical wands or staffs (also sometimes called staves) in other fantasy fiction, magic rings function as instruments for conjurors to channel their powers with magic inside the ring as a catalyst. As stated by Balthazar, magic inside the ring enables each sorcerer/sorceress to project electromagnetic energy of his/her nervous system into the physical world. Once entered the physical realm, projected electrical energy synchronizes with Mana around the user which affects the change of events depend on what kind of spell used when it released. For example, when using fire-based spells, projected electrical energy synchronizes with Mana on the air to affect molecules and triggers combustion. Aside helping synchronizing Mana on environment around the user with electrical energy of user's nervous systems, the ring also help the user channeled amount of Mana required to cast a spell into his/her body to increase the used spell's success rate like other catalysts do.

Though sorcery can be used with other magical items, such as a magical cane in Horvath's case, utilizes magic energy with the magic ring give the sorcerer who wields one better advantages. This is because rings are not as easily disarmed, unlike other magic-based items, as the sorcerer's foes had to remove their rings from their hands through threat and persuasion, as seen when Horvath had to persuade Dave Stutler to take off the Dragon Ring from his hand in return for the life of his girlfriend, Becky Barnes.