Maxim Horvath
Maxim Horvath
"Oh, yes, it is, Balthazar. It's always been about that. Veronica chose you instead of me, the great Balthazar Blake, my best friend."

Full Name

Maxim Horvath


Mr. Horvath (by Abigail Williams)








Morgana le Fay
Abigail Williams (formerly)
Sun Lok
Drake Stone (formerly)
Balthazar Blake (formerly)
Veronica Gorloisen (formerly)
Merlin (formerly, deceased)


Balthazar Blake
Veronica Gorloisen
Dave Stutler
Becky Barnes


Dark magic



Portrayed by

Alfred Molina

Time for a little revenge.
~ Maxim Horvath

Maxim Horvath is a powerful wizard and the secondary antagonist of the 2010 fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Maxim Horvath is portrayed by Alfred Molina.

Once a powerful Merlinean sorcerer, Horvath turned to the dark arts out of jealousy after his love interest favored his best friend. He seeks to bring Morgana le Fay back into the world and help enslave mankind. Horvath uses a cane that was originally created from his old, magic sword with the same gem that was on top of it, to use and unleash his magic powers against his enemies.


Maxim Horvath with his Sword

Horvath in his early days, used his magic sword to betray Merlin.

He was, along with Balthazar Blake and Veronica Gorloisen, a disciple of Merlin and a force of good more than a thousand years ago. But their mutual love for Veronica split the now former colleagues apart and Horvath has instead become an ally of the wicked Morgana, who murdered Merlin by stabbing him in the abdomen that night at his castle fortress and is sought to conquer the world with an army of undead sorcerers. Fortunately, though he succeed in helping Morgana obtain a script that contains the secret to the most dangerous spell known as The Rising, from Merlin's Encantus, their effort to proceed their plan further fails at hands of both Veronica and Balthazar, but at a terrible price; Veronica asborbed Morgana's soul in an attempt to prevent her from achieving her plan. They were then locked in the Grimhold together. Horvath then disappeared, but not before preparing himself to execute other plans and to recruit other wicked sorcerers to his side.

Horvath would then lead fellow sinister sorcerers called Morganians in years to come while Balthazar is the de facto leader of magician known as Merlineans who would use magic for the betterment of humanity and to fight against his sworn enemy.

Horvath's Revenge


Horvath attacks with his magic.

He and Balthazar have battled throughout the ages, finally bringing their conflict to modern-day New York City. Horvath’s mission is world domination. Balthazar is maintaining the Merlinean standard of magic as a power used solely for the benefit of mankind. Horvath is the one who take the Morganian view that magic should be used to subjugate humans.

It was until Balthazar defeated and sealed him away in the Grimhold (within the 1920s as revealed in the film's novelization). Then 10-year old Dave Stutler freed Maxim from the Grimhold by accidently dropping and cracking it, and after a struggle with Balthazar, the two were stuck in an urn for ten years.


Balthazar fights Sun Lok while Horvath escapes.

One decade has past, and Maxim Horvath, after breaking from the enchanted urn in the eyes of a frightened, wealthy Russian couple who bought it, went after Dave, sending a pack of wolves after the boy. Yet Balthazar, who had escaped as well, rescued Dave and began sorcerer training. Freeing Morganians, he vowed to destroy Dave, the Prime Merlinean, so that Morgana would be free and send her wrath upon the world. After absorbing energy from other Morganians, he freed Morgana and attempted to kill Balthazar. But it was Dave who defeated him and Balthazar who blasted him away.

Horvath managed to escape the battle between Morgana and the Merlinean sorcerers, vanishing about the time Morgana's magical circle was disrupted.

His current whereabouts are not known, though the film's stinger shows an unidentified hand retrieving his hat from the Arcana Cabana.




Maxim Horvath is a short and portly man with dark hair and brown eyes. He wears a grey coat and a tie with a spider jewel on it, black rubber gloves, and a bowler hat. He uses a long, black cane with a blue crystal that glows whenever he spellcasts to channel his magic. (Originally, the cane was a long, medieval sword with the same, blue crystal on its pommel, which he had transformed into a staff.)

Powers and Abilities

Horvath's Cane

Horvath's Staff (also known as Horvath's Cane).

Horvath is a highly powerful sorcerer, who can use magic to perform very potent telekinesis, crushing things and people against a wall or making things fly and remotely controlling them; to animate objects and statues and bring drawings to life (such as the bronze statue of a charging bull and wolves from a wildlife calendar); to cast illusions; to shape-shift; to see the past; to transform things; to command animals and compel people into doing what he wants; to conjure fire, catch it in his hand and throw it as fireballs or powerful fire blasts; to hurl powerful gusts of ; to bewitch objects (such as when he creates a Hungarian Mirror Trap or a Persian Quickrug); to blast his foes with powerful plasma bolts; and to cast a wide array of spells (including the dangerous Parasite Spell).

During the course of the film, he aquires Merlin's Dragon Ring (by stealing it from the primary protagonist Dave Stutler), and the catalysts of both Drake Stone and Abigail Williams, attaching them all to his staff, making it extremely powerful. This however, made the staff suspectible to conductivity with surge of energy that made it more difficult to be handled: Dave exploited this by using a tesla coil which blast caused the staff become overload with energy input that Horvath accidently disarmed himself.

Following spells that he mastered in the film are:

  • Elemental Spells: Horvath has mastered various element-based spells such as:
    • Air Blast: Horvath can conjure a powerful gust of wind.
    • Plasma Bolts: Horvath can conjure soft ball-sized Plasma Bolts through his cane.
    • Fire Ball: Horvath can hurl fireballs from his conjured flame or already existing source.
    • Fire Surge: Horvath can conjure a stream of fire like a flamethrower from his conjured flame or already existing source.
    • Fire Carving: Horvath can focused heat to for carving purposes. Used to conjure a carved Morgana Star on a New York fry cook's patties to bring his attention.
    • Fire: Horvath can caused molecules to shake that resulting spontantenous combustion. Used to create a wall of fire on the water near the center of Morgana Star that summoned by Veronica-possessed Morgana to destroy the Grimhold, but is stopped by Balthazar.
    • Fog Spell: Horvath can conjure fog that can either used to locate invisibility-induced spell or conjure smokescreen.
    • Plasma Deflection: Horvath can unleash a wide, bluish wave of electrical shockwave that not only pushes away anything that stand in it’s way, but also deflects projectiles like Plasma Bolts.
  • Mental Spells: Horvath was talented in using mental power spells such as:
    • Telekinesis: With his staff as catalyst, Horvath can levitate and manipulate objects or person without touching them. He even capable to manipulate objects under his control like a marionette. Horvath was very skillful with this spell that he don't have to perform any gesture when casting the spell on few occasions.
    • Hypnotism: Horvath can make suggestions on someone’s subconscious to make them do whatever the user wants without him/herself being aware of what they did. Used to hypnotize an NYU administration officer to give location of Dave Stutler's lab.
    • Psychic Vision: Horvath can perceives the residual information of an object and/or person by using senses that gave him flashback that occurred around the said object/person. Used to track down Grimhold that revealed to be taken by a Chinese Woman.
  • Enchantment Spells: Horvath is expert in enchanting other objects where the said enchantments are:
    • Animation Spell: Horvath can bring animal picture/statue/crest/symbol to life at will in form of either actual creatures or simply golems that taking their appearance to perform his biddings.
    • Disguise Spell: Horvath can shapeshift himself or other people into someone/something else for either disguise or fooling his foes.
    • Car Spell: Horvath can reshape a car into better or worse variant of it.
  • Trap Spells: Horvath is expert in using spells to create or enchanted objects into booby traps such as:
    • Ectoplasm Trap: Being trained as Merlinean, Horvath can be assumed to very good with conjuring time-manipulating ectoplasm as either a booby trap or an outright offensive attack, but how good he was is unclear.
    • Hungarian Mirror Trap: Horvath can enchanted mirrors and other reflective surfaces(usually on solid objects) to locked someone into a reverse world.
    • Persian Quickrug: Horvath can enchanted any rugs into taking traits of actual quicksand.
  • Parasite Spell: Horvath can fatally absorb other sorcerers' lifeforce with this energy-draining enchantment.
  • Magic Combat: A sorcerer of Horvath's level is of course considerably adept in magic-based duels:
    • Plasma Bolts: A basic attack spell that fires softball-sized orbs of blue energy. Expert fighters can fire many of them in quick succession, bigger and more damaging (if not lethal) ones, and a fast-paced barrage of highly potent Bolts.
    • Plasma Deflection: Horvath can unleash a wide, bluish wave of electrical shockwave that not only pushes away anything in his path, but also deflects back normal projectiles or blasts of magic.
    • Magic Shield: Horvath can conjure shields of blue energy to counter any attack coming his way.

Personality and Traits

Maxim Horvath kidnaps Becky

Horvath takes Becky prisoner.

In ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,’ Horvath’s mission is world domination. Balthazar and Horvath have a rivalry that’s gone on for millennia. Balthazar is maintaining the Merlinean standard of magic as a power that’s used for the benefit of mankind. Horvath is the leader of the Morganians, who take the very different view that magic should be used to subjugate humans. That’s the struggle between good as personified by Nic Cage’s character, and evil as personified by mine. Horvath is a rather smart, debonair, Edwardian villain in the classic tradition of suave bad guys, well dressed and charming, but deadly.
~ Alfred Molina regarding Maxim Horvath's personality.

Maxim Horvath is a sophisticated, well-manered and cultured man, always impecably collected and polite, even when about to kill someone. But this refined facade hardly veils his cruelty. He is cold-hearted, cares only about himself and disposes off his followers and allies without second thoughts.

Though he does have (or had) strong feelings of love for Veronica, and retains a grudging respect for Balthazar. Also, as long as he gets what he wants, he holds his parts of bargains and leaves his foes alive (when he has no interest in killing them).

Videogame appearance

Maxim Horvath the Sorcerer

Maxim Horvath a seen in the videogame The Sorcerer's Apprentice on Nintendo DS.

The traitorous wizard Maxim Horvath appears as both the master of the Space-Time Domain magic in New York's Broadway District and the fifth boss of the Nintendo DS videogame adaptation of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Arriving at Uptown, the 2 Merlineans realized that Maxim Horvath is pumping Mana (mystic energy of nature) from the Space-Time domain to the entire district as before, which also helping him to summon a monster army so no one can intervene when he unlocked Morgana le Fay’s layer of the Grimhold. Analyzing what Horvath do so far, Balthazar commented that his scheme was like dropping a map and teleporting something to other dimension through the Space-Time domain. Not only that, fighting Horvath will not be easy due to him have 5 rings including his own. Dave had to move fast, as Balthazar senses a Space-Time energy burst. He said Horvath was likely at the center of the energy surge, but he’s yet to sense the Grimhold’s presence.

Arriving at the supposed center of the Space-Time domain, Dave and Balthazar did not sense the presence of either the Grimhold or Horvath. Suddenly, Horvath showed up, stating that its is not sporting if they keep following him, making him had no time to stretch his legs. Dave then demanded the Grimhold from Horvath, but Horvath refuses as he is yet to break Morgana’s doll and taunted him. Balthazar told Dave that he shouldn’t take it to the heart, as Horvath already like that for nearly a thousand years, and he confides that Dave can beat him. As the battle between Horvath and Dave began, Balthazar warned Dave that Horvath was the master of Space-Time domain more than other sorcerers, which means he can slow his foes’ movements with his magic. Of course, during the fight, Horvath occasionally summon temporal displacing ectoplasm mines in form of white orbs that would slow down his foes. Despite this, Dave’s experience and skills as sorcerer eventually allowed the young apprentice to defeat him in the end. Unfortunately for the heroes, Horvath revealed that he had released Morgana le Fay not long before they arrived, and at this point, she is looking for perfect place to cast The Rising, the power to control life and death for summoning an army of undead evil sorcerers. The former Merlinean then dangerously casted the Parasite Spell on himself before combining his extracted energy with those of other sorcerers he slain to open the Forbidden domain with the stolen catalysts as a conduit. Though the process seemingly killed him, he managed to open the Forbidden domain at Central Park as means to aid Morgana in casting the spell. Dave then set out to stop Morgana and put an end to this sorcerous war for good.

However, Horvath was revealed to survive his suicidal attempt to open the Forbidden domain, with magic in his Cane and the stolen rings placed on it that has kept him alive (as once hinted to his survival on the movie).


When am I? (Dave: New York City.) Not where. The year. You are wasting my time. (Balthazar: What happened to "don't touch anything"?) That's not very sporting of you, Balthzar. (Balthazar: Be quiet. It's not you. He's been like this for 1,000 years. I'll explain later. I need the Grimhold. Where's that doll?)
~ Horvath meeting Dave and criticizing Balthazar's old tricks before fighting him off over the Grimhold.
I'll have that doll.
~ Horvath attempting to take the Grimhold from Balthazar during their fight.
I want that doll. (Balthazar: Leave, Dave! Leave now!)
~ Horvath demanding that Dave hand over the Grimhold seconds before he and Balthazar get trapped into a cursed urn for 10 years (to the day) and a scared Dave leaves the antique store in a rush.
Am I the first one out? That's a yes. Our 10 years are up, Balthazar. When I get the Grimhold from young David, I'll tell him you said hello. Cheerio, Balthazar!
~ Horvath emerging from the cursed urn in front of an older couple (who bought it and faint at the sight of him) and attempting to kill Balthazar by throwing off the urn, to no avail due to the latter also being released while falling off.
I thought B- was generous. I've recently been released from a 10-year sentence, during which the only reading material available to me was your so-called report on Napoleon Bonaparte from your school bag. Your analysis was obvious, your prose was weak. (Dave: I was 9.) Irrelevant. Where's the Grimhold? That doll you took from the shop. The doll held something very powerful. Something very important to me. You had it last. I want it back. (Dave: Listen, I'm... I threw it in the street.) Where's the Grimhold? (Dave: It's been a long time. I don't actually know where it is.) I'll have to cut the truth out of you.
~ Horvath criticizing Dave's essay about Napoleon Bonaparte and threatening him into revealing the Grimhold's whereabouts, despite the latter truthfully admitting that he does not know where it is.
Are you addressing me?
~ Horvath recalling the past events on the Grimhold's whereabouts, realizing it is in Chinatown but not before killing a driver with 2 knives who nearly runs him over.
(Balthazar: That was Cantonese, Horvath.The Grimhold. Where is it?) An old associate of mine speaks impeccable Cantonese. He lived about 200 years ago. Know him? Sun Lok. Of course you do. You locked him inside the Grimhold. Whoops. Opened it.
~ Balthazar attacking Horvath who disguised himself as an older Chinese woman and releases another evil sorcerer.
(Cook: I haven't seen that cane since I saw a picture of it when I was a boy. You've been locked up a long time.) And now I'm out. And I need soldiers. (Cook: I got one kid. He ain't old school.) One will do.
~ Horvath requesting a minion from a local fry cook who knows his identity
Oh, do tell me this is a joke. (Drake Stone: Sorry, are you lost?) So, you're what passes for a Morganian these days. (Drake Stone: Maxim Horvath! You are one smoking man of...) Will you excuse us, ladies? (Drake Stone: Yes, excuse us, ladies. Bob. Sorry.) So, they tell me you're some kind of entertainer. (Drake Stone: Five sold-out shows at the Garden, plus back end on the pay-per-view.) Did you ever see Morgana pull a rabbit out of a hat? (Drake Stone: Look, my master disappeared when I was 15, vanished! Left me with nothing but an Encantus and some prescription-grade abandonment issues. So I improvised.) Well, the time for improvisation is over. Balthazar Blake may have found the Prime Merlinean. (Drake Stone: He wears the ring?) Mmm.
~ Horvath meeting the famous magician Drake Stone and asking for his aid in stealing the Grimhold.
This is perfect. The Rising will happen here. We'll use their satellite dishes on the rooftops. There, and there, and there. Get it done. (Drake Stone: My "Best of" DVD drops next month. Here we go. All right. Move. Sorry about that. It's just nice for them to see a genuine icon like me.) Fortunately, they'll all be dead soon. And before that, we need to find the boy. (Drake Stone: Well, how do we do that?)
~ Horvath to Drake Stone arranging for the Rising to be done on satellite dishes in modern New York.
So, Dave. (Dave: Oh, man.) I'm going to kill you. Oh, yes, right here in this dismal bathroom. It's not very classy, but there you go. But before we get to that unpleasantness, you're going to tell me where the Grimhold is. Where is she? (Dave: She?) He hasn't told you, has he?The truth about who's inside the doll? Sweetheart, you've put your faith in the wrong man. Tell me, have you ever been in love? (Dave: I...) Yeah. You're in love right now. I can see it in your eyes. No, no, no, no. Don't deny it. I wonder what would happen if you lost her. Shut up. You'd be no better than the rest of us. Where is the Grimhold? (Dave: I don't know.) Oh, Dave, you really are the most dreadful liar. (Balthazar: That's what I keep telling him. Want your guy back?)
~ Horvath torturing Dave Stutler into revealing where the Grimhold is, mocking him about being in love and calling him a dreadful liar when he still does not know where the doll is just before Balthazar appears.
It's been a while since I've seen the Hungarian Mirror Trap.
~ Horvath being forced by Balthazar into the Hungarian Mirror Trap.
Wake up that moron in stall number three for me, would you? Oh, for heaven's sake.
~ Horvath while being trapped via teh Hungarian Mirror Trap, asking a college student to wake up Drake in one of the bathroom's stalls, only for him to faint
I have a student who's failing my class. I need his file. (Clerk: First I'll need to see your faculty identification card.) You don't need to see my faculty identification card. (Clerk: I don't need to see your faculty identification card.) (Drake Stone: "These are not the droids you're looking for".) (Horvath: Here it is. He has an unathorized lab space.)
~ Horvath hypnotizing a college clerk with his magic Cane into revealing Dave Stutler's hiding place with Drake parodying a Star Wars scene.
Clever Balthazar. Always up to his little tricks.
~ Horvath to Balthzar.
(Balthazar: We once fought together, Maxim.) A lot's happened since those days. (Balthazar: This isn't about that.) Oh, yes, it is, Balthazar. It's always been about that. Veronica chose you instead of me, the great Balthazar Blake, my best friend. Well, I'm going to let you watch me release Morgana. Let you watch your world crumble into nothing!
~ Maxim Horvath explaining to Balthazar Blake his hateful jealousy towards over Veronica Goiloison's love for Balthazar and his plan to release the evil Morgana le Fay in order to doom the world to enslavement via The Rising.
Are all the satellite dishes in position? (Drake Stone: All lined up. I chipped my mani, which is not cool.) No, I imagine it's not.
~ Horvath asking Drake Stone about the positioned satallite dishes in New York City in preparation for The Rising.
Inside there lies our next coworker. Abigail Williams, a little witch who put Salem on the map. Once she's out, we're at the Morgana shell. Now that's going to take a lot of time and energy to crack.
~ Maxim Horvath arranging for the infamous witch Abigail Williams to be released before betraying Drake by draining his magic via the Parasite Spell to give more power to his Cane to break open the Grimhold.
(Abigail Williams: Now that I have kidnapped the girl for you, is it time to release Morgana?) I'll give her your regards. (Abigail Williams: Mr. Horvath, have I done something wrong?) Not at all. I need your power to free Morgana. I just don't need you. Well, that's two. One more to go.
~ Horvath also draining Abigail Williams' power to free Morgana after she kidnapped Becky Barnes before aiming for Dave Stutler's Dragon Ring next.
That was easy. Come on, Dave. You know the drill. Give me what I want and I'll let her go. (Becky: Dave, what is going on?) (Dave: It's gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay.) No, she's not! She's going to be ground up into chunks and fed to the cat unless you give me Merlin's ring and the Grimhold. Balthazar? He's busy admiring the decor. So what's it going to be?
~ Horvath giving Dave an ultimatum by handing over the Grimhold and Merlin's ring or Becky will be killed if he refuses, while Bathazar escapes the Persian Quickrug.
(Dave: Here. Take it. You're okay?) Merlin's ring. It's been a while since I've been this close to it. I wonder if it still works. (Dave: You all right?) (Becky: Yeah, I think so.)
~ Horvath releasing Becky and using Merlin's ring for the first time before he escapes to Battery Park to initiate The Rising.
Veronica. (Morgana: It's me, Horvath. Morgana. No need to look so pathetic. Destroy that thing. I never want to see it again. I cannot raise the dead until the circle is complete.)
~ Horvath releasing Morgana le Fay, only to see Veronica being possessed by the evil sorceress.
Balthazar. Enough of your old tricks, Balthazar. (Balthazar: As you wish.)
~ Horvath upon facing Balthzar in combat.
Time was, things were pretty even between us, Balthazar. As you can see, I've acquired some new jewelry.
~ Horvath utilizing his enwly-empowered Cane against Balthzar.
A matador gored by a bull can take up to three days to die. Sounds unpleasant, doesn't it?
~ Horvath bringing to life a bull statue to attack Balthazar.
The circle is nearly complete. It must be awful, Balthazar. All these years, fighting to stop this one moment and then coming up short.
~ Horvath's last words moments before he is zapped by Dave's Tesla coils and blasted away by Balthazar while The Rising has begun.



  • In the movie opening where Horvath was introduced via his depiction in the Encantus, he appears to held a bottle of some kind of potion, suggesting that he held a degree of knowledge in magical potion brewery and/or even alchemy albeit his said talent never seen in the movie itself.
  • In the early script of The Sorcerer's Apprentice film that can be seen here, Maxim Horvath was intended to be Morgana le Fay's successor as leader of Morganians, head of a modern insurance company called "Horvath Global Insurance Group" (with valuable resources including a collection of occult textbooks), and also Balthazar's former master (who was also originally intended to be a Morganian assassin).
  • Though he is intended to be British, "Maxim" is a Russian given name and "Horvath" (Horváth) is a Hungarian surname.