The Mirror Trap Scroll

The Mirror Trap Scroll

The Mirror Trap Scroll is a special, scroll-like artifact within Balthazar Blake's sorcerous arsenal. This mystical, ancient gadget, which is of Hungarian origin, is able to simulate the magical power of the Hungarian Mirror Trap for stealth purposes.

Overview and Usage

The Mirror Trap Scroll virtually looks like a transparent blank scroll that can be unrolled manually or via enchantments which looks as if it was made out of plastic. It has a casing with golden color with a line of hook-like bindings, with one side covered by a black, thin, stick-like casing and the other embedded on the inside of the casing.

When used, the scroll would expand and unroll itself to a considerable width, in which the surface of the scroll would ripple like the Hungarian Mirror Trap, allow the body of a full-grown person to jump into it and seemingly enter the pocket dimension of the scroll. However, unlike in the Hungarian Mirror Trap, the user could freely escaped from pocket dimension of the scroll without any effort.

If the unrolled scroll is blasted with magic, it would shatter like glass, rendering it useless.



  • In spite of it's name, it is unclear whether the scroll truly works much like the Hungarian Mirror Trap, as when Balthazar used it to sneak on both Maxim Horvath and the possessed Veronica Gorloisen, it was not shown that he entered reverse world. If it truly send him onto Reverse World and it was shattered when he still inside, he could have escaped via another place with reflections.