In videogame adaptation of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice, aside Morganians, Dave Stutler must confront Monsters that Morganians brought to life from various objects in Manhattan. All of them capable to project energy bolts of different domains, but few capable to perform melee attacks.

List of Monsters

Trash Bags

Trash Bags TSA

A trash bag encountered in Chinatown

Monsters created from bringing Trash Bags to agile floating beasts. They took an appearance of large black head with a pair of yellow eyes, two pair of 3-fingered arms, and tripartite mouth. They can fire purple bolts. First encountered at Chinatown.

Sewage Pipes

Sewage Pipe Monster TSA

A Sewage Pipe encountered in Chinatown.

Sewage Pipes
have been enchanted into these worm-like monsters. They can dives underground and firing blue bolt to attack. First encountered at Chinatown.


Spinners TSA

A flying Spinner

Vanes that enchanted and transformed into spinning monsters that can fire rapid burst of yellow magic bolts. First encountered at Chinatown.

Oil Slick Monster

Oil Slick TSA

Oil Slick

A large amount of oil within damaged barrels leaked to the street and animated into semi-humanoid oil monster that spew forth red grenade bolt. These monsters invulnerable whem moves, but when taking a position to fire an energy mortar bolt, they are vulnerable. First encountered at Chinatown.


Golems TSA


Huge chunk of concrete animated into humanoid golem that can creating shockwave from a single slam of its fist. When sprinted for its enemies, any magical projectiles would bounce off its body. Some of these monsters worked for Marrok and they also first monsters that performed melee attacks instead of energy bolts. First encountered at Chinatown.


Mailbox Monster TSA


Monsters created from bringing mailboxes to tricky beasts. They not as agile as Trash Bags, but very fast in their own right. They only vulnerable to attack when firing energy bolts. First encountered at Uptown.

Fire Creeper

Fire Creepers TSA

Fire Creeper

Some trees were exposed with Mana by the Morganians’ magic that resulting them twisted into Ent-like monsters. Can move underground like Sewage Pipes and fires a salvo of 3 energy bolts from their arms-like branches. First encountered at Uptown.

Scorpion Bots

Scorpion bots

A Scorpion Bot

Morganians’ dark magic has mutated dumped car engines and brought them to life as scorpion-like mechanical monster. These animated car engines now had 3 pairs of legs and its fuel pipe morphed into a tail that can fire energy bolts. First encountered at Downtown.

Paper Tornadoes

Twister Newspaper stand TSA

Paper Tornadoes

Newspaper stands were exposed to the Morganians’ dark magic that resulting them capable to spin aroun like tornado and release omni-directional shockwave. Alongside golems, they only capable to perform melee attacks. As with Golems, they can only attacked when performing melee and stop moving around.

Shroud Spectres

Shroud Spectres

A Shroud Spectre

Discarded hoodie jackets were exposed to Morganian sorcery that resulting them animated into wraith-like monsters. According to Balthazar, many Morganian in the past enchanted hooded robes into these monsters both as minions and to terrorizes innocent people. Given to their appearance, it's possible that Shroud Spectres inspires various legends of ghosts and spirits. Like Oil Slicks, they can conjure mortar bolts from distance, but more mobile and vulnerable whem moves. They are first countered at Broadway.


  • All monsters are similar with Balthazar's Drill Automatons as all of them are inaimate objects brought to life with Animation Spell, but unlike Drill Automatons, they are conjured to causing chaos and destruction.