The Persian Quickrug

The Persian Quickrug

Persian Quickrug. And he thinks I'm old-fashioned.
~ Balthazar Blake about the Persian Quickrug spell set by Maxim Horvath.

This spell, known as the Persian Quickrug, is a magical trap that is designed to turn any flooring or carpet into a substance similar to quicksand.

According to Balthazar Blake, the Persian Quickrug spell was originated in the country of Persia (now called Iran) centuries ago. Many spellcasters used this spell to trap and kill their enemies or to bury something.

Usage and Countermeasures

Once the spell is casted on floor/carpet, the carpet will turned into magic quicksand that would sink anything that stepped on it. The bewitched flooring/carpet also ripples like actual quicksand as well when the victim/s trapped in it. However, perhaps floor/carpet that is casted by the Persian Quickrug spell are more dangerous than actual quicksand, as Balthazar, whom trapped by one only had a few seconds to get out before he drowned completely, as his initial struggle made him sink faster. Even when the victim stops struggling, the drowning rate seemingly would never slow down anyway unlike real quicksand does.

The only known way to get out from the Persian Quickrug completely was one must pull themselves with immense strength, as seen when Balthazar successfully push himself out of the rug with chains that connect with mechanism that presumably powerful enough to pull out a car.

It is unclear that one can slow the drown rate on the sinking rug from Persian Quickrug spell or what happened to the victim's body after died when the casted floor/carpet turned back to normal. It is possible that the victim's carcasses would emerges from the casted rug once the spell on the enchanted carpet/floor broken though the movie not reference anything about this.


Balthazar reconignizingly encountered this spell when he was investigating a map of New York that points Battery Park, the possible location of Morgana's return and of the Rising. He then became trapped when the floor of Drake Stone's penthouse magically transformed into quicksand by Horvath's sorcery before he escaped with his life. He moved chains to grab on to so he could push himself out of the sinking rug.



  • The Persian Quickrug is sometimes called the "Quickrug".