The Plasma Deflection

Plasma Deflection

Plasma Deflection is an impressive magic technique to unleash a wave comprised of plasma that push people or objects out of the user’s way, as well as deflecting projectiles such as Plasma Bolts.


Plasma Deflection process

Plasma Deflection

When cast, a conjuror would unleash a wide, bluish wave of electrical shockwave that not only pushes away anything that stand in it’s way, but also deflects projectiles like Plasma Bolts. He/she can do this with their catalysts, often by swinging them toward the desired direction.

Maxim Horvath used this supernatural enchantment against his former friend Balthazar Blake when he tries to launch his Plasma Bolt on him during the final battle with the dark sorceress Morgana le Fay and the sinister ceremony known as The Rising, but not before hold the latter with telekinesis and reveal modifications on his enchanted cane.

Known Users

The only known user of this spell was Maxim Horvath, though implied that Balthazar could do the same.