The Pointy Shoes

The Pointy Shoes

These are old man shoes.
~ Dave Stutler

Pointy Shoes are standard-issue footwear that are worn by sorcerers and sorcersses on both sides, be they either good or evil. Though not necessarily magical, they are still required for the sorcerer to boost up the proficiency of their sorcerous skills.

Usage and Benefits

From what Balthazar Blake stated on why sorcerers require the pointy shoes on Dave Stutler during his lessons, it was explained that when every spellcaster channels Mana around them to perform sorcery, the said energy would automatically channeled through their body, which the presumed greatest amount of the said forces would be through their shoes.

How much Mana channeled through their footwear depends on said shoes' quality shape and components. The more pointy the sorcerer's shoes, the more greater the channeled Mana that would boost their sorcery.

And because they made the sorcerers look more classy.