The Quest-Bound Immortality Spell

The Quest-Bound Immortality Spell has been lifted at last.

He cast a spell to keep us from aging until we found the sorcerer who would inherit his power.
~ Balthazar Blake about the Quest-Bound Immortality Spell casted by Merlin on his 3 trusted apprentices.

The Quest-Bound Immortality Spell is a magic spell that is mentioned by Balthazar Blake, which keeps the targeted subject(s) from aging and render them biologically immortal for as long as the user’s designated task for them is yet to be done.


Since the spell was only mentioned in the film The Sorcerer's Apprentice, it is unknown how this enchantment is activated. But it was obvious that when the user cast the spell on the target, the user also giving them a task that mystically bonds with the spell itself. It explains that the only means for the enchanted victims to free themselves from the spell’s effect was having their designated mission upon being cast by this spell finished, either by them, or the others whom are/were related with said task.

The drawbacks of this magic was the eternal life granted on the target would last forever. Also, said immortality does not mean that the victim became unkillable as said given immortality was only applied on their longevity, as Balthazar, a victim of this spell as he proclaimed when he desires to be free from this enchantment, tends to avoid anything that potentially killed mortal beings like falling several stories below while partially manifested from the Grimlock, or avoiding the Charging Bull statue’s attacks.

Known Users

The only known user was the ancient wizard Merlin. Concerned with the inevitable return of his former apprentice, the dark sorceress Morgana le Fay, Merlin sought for a new successor, and casted the spell on Balthazar Blake, Veronica Gorloisen, and Maxim Horvath, which lasts until the said Prime Merlinean's powers fully awakened. Though the spell was finally broken by the time Dave Stutler’s powers as the Prime Merlinean awakens, this power did not emerge at a fortunate time, as Balthazar nearly died by Morgana’s supercharged Plasma Bolts.


  • It is unclear when Merlin cast this spell, how this spell is cast, and if there were other sorcerers able to cast this spell in the same way that Merlin could.