The Reverse World

The Reverse World

Dave: Um-um-um... what the heck is this?
Balthazar: Yeah, we drove through the mirror. We're trapped in reverse world.
Dave: So?
Balthazar: It is. Horvath's payback for bathroom mirror. (Dave wanted to ask something, but Balthazar already guessed it and answers) No, no, we won't die. We will get out of there soon...
Dave: Ok?
Balthazar: driving through our reflections.
~ Dave and Balthazar about the Reverse World.

The "Reverse World" is a pocket dimension that looks like an exact copy of our world and another's, which only featured in Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Ever present but undetected by real world, many sorcerers and sorceressses uses this dimension as prison to confine and delay their enemies through usage of the Hungarian Mirror Trap spell on mirrors and other objects with reflective surface, with only way out is by entering one's own reflection.


The Reverse World looked like a copy of our world, but many things in the said dimension went on reverse way as the dimension literally a reflection of the real world if looked through mirrors. The dimension itself also uninhabited by any living being except those who trapped in there. It seems that the terrains of the reverse world only influenced by what happened to the real world it is connected to.

While it is easy to get out from that dimension as one only need to pass through his/her reflection, re-enter the Reverse World is very difficult. The only way to enter that dimension is to enchant reflective objects like mirrors bewitched by the Hungarian Mirror Trap magic and passed through it.

Being a copy of the real world, each realms aside Earth's dimension have their own reverse worlds.


After accidently blasted by illusionist Drake Stone into a bewitched mirror in a NYU bathroom, Morganian wizard Maxim Horvath attempted to gain an attention from a student who entered the bathroom much later to woke up Drake Stone who was K.O.ed by the sorcerer Balthazar Blake at the stall no. 2. Unfortunately, the said student was fainted upon mistaking him as a ghost, much to his dismay.

During the car chase, Horvath blasted Balthazar's car with both Balthzar Blane and Dave Stutler into the reverse world as payback for the previous skirmish. Balthazar reassured their safety by revealing the way out of the pocket dimension through their reflection. The endeavor to exit the dimension proved difficult as Horvath blasted every single reflective surface that large enough for them to get out from the real world, but the 2 Merlineans managed to get out nevertheless. But once they catch up with Morganians, it is revealed that Horvath and Drake used the Mirror Trap to delay them so they can prepare another trap.