Russian Couple

The Russian Couple

The Russian Couple were a wealthy Russian husband and wife who were once in the possession of The Grimlock and were minor characters in The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

The Russian couple were portrayed by both Marika Daciuk and Sandor Tecsy.

While Balthazar Blake and Maxim Horvath were traped in The Grimlock, the wife bought it, and the husband disliked it, saying that, "I don't understand. Why did you have to buy this piece of junk?". When she replied, "Junk? It's an antique!", he said unhappily, "Antique? It's a piece of junk from the flea market!". At that exact moment, Horvath broke free from The Grimlock, asking the couple, "Am I the first one out?"; then the wife fainted in shock and fell onto the ground. When the husband looked in shock as well Horvath replied, "That's a yes.", followed by, "Our 10 years are up, Balthazar." Using his magic to open the blinds and the window he then threw the Grimlock down onto the street, saying, "When I get the Grimhold from young David, I'll tell him you said hello. Cherrio, Balthazar." He turned around smiling evilly, as Balthazar tried to release and steady himself before he crashed onto the ground, eventually barely hanging onto a beam outside the second or third floor of the building with The Grimlock crashing onto the ground, destroyed (its lid was already destroyed in the couple's house when Horvath broke out of it). Before the couple commented on The Grimlock it was already shaking and making noises, predicting the release of Balthazar and Horvath.