Sand Bullets

Sand Bolts

Sand Bolts are a special technique that enable the user to conjure orbs of sand that fired with concussive force.


A spellcaster can cast the spell by at first, conjure sands that manipulated into spherical form before propelled on the target with concussive force. The firepower of the hurled sand bolts depends on the amount of sand and mana used for casting the spell. Had the area around the user had a large amount of pre-existing sands, he/she had greater advantages as he/she only need to manipulate available sands instead of have the sand molded from available earth materials before casting the spell.

The only known drawbacks of the spell is it still require earthly materials (sand and/or mud, marbles, concrete, rocks) to work.

Known Users

The only known user of this spell is The Mummy, one of the Drill Automatons.