The Sympathetic Magic

Sympathetic Magic

"Sympathetic Magic", also known as "Imitative Magic" and "Organic Link Magic", is a form of sorcery that enables a sorcerer to either see the past or present of an object or person through astral projection with the image of the desired object/person or controlling creatures that are animated with the Animation Spell and with the image that is related with said animated beings.


There are two types of usage on this sorcery, but the only thing that they share in common was that they required the desired object/person as the medium.

Seeing the Object/Person’s Past and Known Drawbacks

When the user sees the object/person’s past or present with symphatetic magic, the user would see the said past/present through astral projection. In order to see an object/person’s past/present, the user concentrates his/her magic on the image of the desired object/person through their catalyst. When they did, their astral manifestation would exit their body and entered spirit world that giving them access to the past/present of the desired object/person.

The possible known drawbacks were due to the user still alive when performing astral projection, they likely will never be able to see as much of the past/present and immediately return to their mortal bodies.

Further information about this spell’s usage however, was unclear as this spell were eventually scrapped during the film’s developement and is replaced by the Psychic Vision.

History and Known Users

The known user of this method of sympathetic magic were Maxim Horvath, Balthazar Blake, and Dave Stutler. Dave and Balthazar used this together to track down the Grimhold that led them to New York's Chinatown. Dave later used this against his Merlinean master’s protests when he no longer trusts him for preventing him from chasing Becky Barnes and on the Encantus to forcefully see Veronica’s past, only to learned about Balthazar’s old nature as a Morganian assassin.

Controlling Animated Beings

Sympathetic Magic

Sympathetic Magic in effect.

A sorcerer/sorceress channels his/her magic on an image depicting their desired animated creature where this instantly put the said animated creature that he/she has animated under his/her control. When they control the creature, the medium's image would moves where the more often it moves, more agressive the controlled creature would be. Had he/she yet to animated any creature whilst using sympathetic magic in this method, the animated creature that they would control would materialized itself near the spellcaster (mainly from objects that resembles the desired animated creature). For instance, when Sun Lok using this spell on the inacribed dragon crest on his abdominal belt to animate and control a dragon, the animated dragon materialized from the nearby dachne costume that resembles dragon.

The known drawback of this enchantment is had the medium's image is damaged, so does the animated creature.

Known Users

The known user of this spell is Sun Lok.