The Levitation Spell

The Levitation Spell

The Levitation Spell (better known as Telekinesis) is a magic spell that enables a sorcerer to levitate one or more items or a person or people in the air with the power of their mind and magical energy, and this technique can be amplified by the conjuror's ring or other catalysts.


The Levitation Spell is an impressive enchantment that allows any spellcaster to move himself/herself or any other person or object in the air and hover around. Levitation spell works by uses one's magical energy on their ring/magical catalysts to control air molecules that surrounds object that they wish to levitate. In the movie, it was shown that aside people, the spell also enable the sorcerers/sorceresses to levitate any objects around them as weapons either for offense attack or simply turn the tide of the battle, as well as manipulation objects like TV, radio, etc. in distance.

Notable Users

The known sorcerers capable of using this spell are Balthazar Blake, Maxim Horvath, Dave Stutler, and Drake Stone.