The Vacuum Sphere

The Vacuum Sphere

The Vacuum Sphere is a magical technique in the form of a sphere of mystical energy that controls wind and is used to defend oneself from enemy attacks, especially from fire spells.


This sorcerous counterattack is used to defend from attacks by creating an round orb of wind around the projectile attack that has been stopped and asborbed, and the sphere will disappear along with the projectile itself. True to it's namesake, the manipulated wind that formed the sphere contains a vacuum space that compressed within the sphere that can absorb and disperse any projectile that hit it.

Vaccuum Sphere shield Nintendo TSA

The Vacuum Sphere in the videogame The Sorcerers'a Aprentice.

In the videogame adaptation of the film however, the Vacuum Sphere is the spell to conjure impenetrable force field made of wind that can cause any projectile that hit it explodes into fiery shockwave. The fiery explosion themself cannot harm the shield, but is very harmful to enemies within its radius. This defensive spell is perfect tool to turned enemies’ projectiles against them.


Dave used it during his training when Balthazar shot fire at him, but never seen again afterwards.