Veronica Gorloisen's Necklace

Veronica's Necklace

Veronica's Necklace is a beautiful, 8th century necklace that belongs to the good-hearted Merlinean sorceress Veronica Gorloisen as her lover Balthazar Blake's gift to her. Though this item has no magical properties nor any supernatural powers, it is a symbol of both Veronica's desire to be a normal person and Balthazar's love for her.


In the year 740 A.D., while being appointed as Merlin's apprentices, the 2 of the 3 chosen Merlineans were Balthazar and Veronica, who happened to be in love. One day when they were walking through a marketplace somewhere in the Great Britain, Veronica sets her sights on a special accessory, a jeweled necklace while she has a deep desire to live a normal life. Balthazar found that necklace and was going to give it to her that night their friend Maxim Horvath betrayed them and the cruel Morgana le Fay began her savage rampage upon all medieval England and killed their master Merlin. Balthazar would have to wait to give his beloved her gift for the next 1300 years after Veronica used a magic spell to stop Morgana before they both were later be trapped in a magical artifact known as the Grimhold.

In the 21st century America, Balthazar, after recruited his new apprentice named Dave Stutler, tells him that Veronica was trapped inside the Grimhold among the few certain Morganians including Sun Lok and Abigail Williams, and tells him he was going to give her necklace that night their master and mentor Merlin died. Dave promised to help Balthazar to save Veronica and to destroy Morgana.

After stopping the sinister magical event known as The Rising where the said ceremony intended to resurrect and control an army of undead evil sorcerers (with Becky's help) that resulted in the possessed Veronica becoming unconscious, Balthazar used the same spell she once mastered to free Veronica and to absorb the evil spirit of Morgana le Fay. Balthazar tried to have himself and Morgana locked inside the empty Grimhold by Dave and Veronica, but both of them refused. This led the evil witch temporary posesses him and later materialized in a transcient ghostly form of her former self with body consists of glowing mass of mystical dust. After discovering his destiny as the Prime Merlinean and destroyed Morgana le Fay once and for all with his awesome powers, Dave used his newfound abilities to restore Balthazar who was attacked and killed in battle, and so their quest was truly complete and their immortality that given to them both by Merlin's spell has diminished. The revived Balthazar was finally in Veronica's arms and he finally gave his loved one her special necklace as he was once promised. In the end, Balthazar and Veronica would both be forever freed to live a normal life together.